Other Robots Adept Viper S850

Détails du robot

Adept Viper S850 is a unique robot and most suitable for applications that Speed and accuracy. Most of the industrial applications such as packaging, assembly and machine tending require this kind of a robot. The six axis robot is one of the most robust and flexible for such automatons. It has a suitable 855 mm reach, slim body and foot print.   

The machine is powered by Adept ACETM software which is quite powerful yet friendly and versatile enough to meet individual needs. The system has high resolution absolute encoders to promote accuracy. It is also easy to celebrate and it possesses low inertia Harmonic Drives TM, which promote acceleration of the light arms. These together with a 4 KHZ servo update contribute to precision of up to 0.03 mm.

Trouble shooting is enhanced through advanced diagnostics through PC. Common protocols such as Ethernet TCP/IP make this possible.   Use of standard components across this equipment enhances interchange ability and familiarity.  


Applications du robot

General specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 6 Kg
Maximum Reach: 855 mm
Repeatability: 0.05 mm
Controller: Smart controller CX
Robot Motion Speed
Axis 1: 250º/s
Axis 2: 250º/s
Axis 3: 250º/s
Axis 4: 375º/s
Axis 5: 375º/s
Axis 6: 600º/s
Axis ranges in º
Axis 1: +-170º
Axis 2: -190, +45º
Axis 3: -29º, +259º
Axis 4: +-190º
Axis 5: +-120º
Axis 6: +-360º



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